DIII Midwest Regional Championships

This is it, the biggest race of the season, Midwest Regionals. Just when your legs are ready to give out, the trials of one last 8k arise. The stage is set, and the Gorloks are ready to compete for the last time in Oshkosh, WI.

Our normal tour bus ride was downgraded a couple of seats to one of those Ford transit vans. Not only are we on the road for 7 hours to Oshkosh, there is no bathroom on the van.

The experience of the van however felt more cozier. Some of the sickest rap battles happened on that van, and I must say, Eli and Cam know how to spit rhymes to pass the time… uh oh now I’m doing it.

It is extremely difficult to not make a meal out of breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden, but the temptation is too much to resist. Just ask Nathan, he can guzzle them down his muzzle faster than he can run. Wow I really have to stop with he rhymes.

Gooooood morning Oshkosh..

As important as regionals is and with all the pressure surrounding the race itself, there are still so many opportunities to have fun and bond with teammates. The best parts of the trip are those spent not running. Just sitting in the hotel and having fun being together is all that one can ask for.

Race morning conditions were fair and mild. Although there was snow on the ground this time, the course was clear for us to run on. The mud was the worst part. The back of our jerseys went from yellow to brown.

The season was successful. Although a lot of us were injured, everyone sticked to their training and had fun. That’s all one can ask for.

Crossed the line one last time

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