Why Do I Run?

It’s an interesting question that I get asked quite frequently. Seriously, who in their right mind wakes up every day at 6 am to go run 4-9 miles everyday?

I haven’t always been an avid distance runner. I started out with tee ball and then moved to basketball and baseball. I never would’ve thought I was going to be a runner because I was no where near fast growing up.

In 8th grade, my best friend bet that he could beat me in the mile at track tryouts. Of course I can’t backdown to my friend, I’d get picked on forever. Somehow I ended up getting second in front of all the cross country kids and I earn a spot on the team.

Ever since those tryouts, running has taken priority in my life. Sometimes I don’t find a reason to run, I just run. There are other days where I need all the motivation in the world to put my shoes on. There is no purpose to running. It just is.

For NCAA athletes, our job is our sport. Running has evolved from nothing, to an interest, to a sport, to my full time job. I run for the commitment. I run for my mom and dad. I run for my teammates who have my back 24/7. Most of all, I run for the glory of God, who gave me and so many others the gift to run.

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